Situated amidst the scenic locales of Nandurbar, K R Public School offers the best residential facilities. The school has three hostel blocks, which include the girl’s hostel. Each hostel block is equipped with a music system and television where pre-set channels are available. Apart from this, English and Hindi movies are screened every weekend. The lights-out time for students is 10 pm, but senior students are allowed to study beyond this time to prepare for board exams.

Girl’s hostel is next to teachers quarters and is under the ever-vigilant eyes of the house mistress and other school mentors. Male acquaintances are not allowed on the premises. In case of an emergency, the Principal may visit the premises accompanied by two female teachers or associates. At present, girls hostel has 20 girl students, though the hostel has the capacity to accommodate almost double the number.

School has appointed two resident house masters who act as parents and counselors to students. It is with these teachers that students confide in and share their concerns with. In fact, there are often times when younger students share their concerns with seniors who then discuss their issues with their house masters. The school trains students to take up additional responsibilities by assigning some of them the roles of hostel prefect, who participate in the smooth administration of the hostel.

Every dormitory or room is equipped with a study area and a wardrobe for students. Linen is changed regularly, with a laundry facility where all linen and clothes are washed twice a week. Girl students have the benefit of house matrons to assist in their personal hygiene and other related matters.

Outside food is strictly not allowed. The hostel has a separate building  ‘Annapurna’ where meals are served. It includes a large dining hall, kitchen, and a large storeroom. The kitchen is equipped with a deep freezer, water cooler, modern cooking gadgets, and bakery. Food is prepared under strict hygiene conditions and supervised by an experienced Mess Manager. The campus also has its own water purification plant.

The campus also has a medical center to handle minor medical cases, with doctors visiting every day.